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Properties of .io games

.IO games come in all shapes and colors, but they do have some shared properties:
  • Players grow by eating or otherwise killing other players
  • The game takes place in an arena.
  • Most games use HTML5 technology to run in any modern browser.
  • The games are fiercely competitive and feature real-time multiplayer gameplay.
Wormate is a multiplayer online game. There are many people who like io games and they enjoy playing wormate io. You will need to find tasty foods spread on the map in order to grow. You can eat other players and kill them as well. However, you should be careful as they will also try to eat you! You can collect points of another player if his head touches your worm’s body. However, you will die if you run into another player. You can also find and collect lots of bonuses on the map. If you are interested in unblocked io games, you should try Wormate io.

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