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Properties of .io games

.IO games come in all shapes and colors, but they do have some shared properties:
  • Players grow by eating or otherwise killing other players
  • The game takes place in an arena.
  • Most games use HTML5 technology to run in any modern browser.
  • The games are fiercely competitive and feature real-time multiplayer gameplay.
The 2048 game consists of 4x4 16 squares. By combining the same numbers in the same row and column, try to double the numbers. Play 2048 by using the arrow keys on the computer and dragging with your finger on mobile devices and mobile phones. You can play the 2048 game by combining the numbers and unloading the squares that are numbers. Every time, try to take your 2048 game record to the next level. A new figure comes to one of the empty squares with each move. If all the squares are full and no new numbers are found, the game is over. To do this, multiply two numbers that are the same in every move and get a new number. Thus, the value of the numbers on the screen is increased. In addition, an empty square is created for the new figure. Follow this logic and try to get the 2048 number.

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